Going As The Wedding Photographer

In the majority of cases when a wedding photographer is hired, their primary concern is to take as many interesting photographs as possible, professionally edit the photos, and then present them in various types of mediums such as a well crafted photo book.  If the client is happy, it can result in the sale of a lot of picture products.

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However during the wedding, while it is important to focus on the client, it would also be beneficial to take steps to help out your own photography business.

Business Cards

Let’s discuss a tried and true marketing product which is the business card.  Memorable, easy to read, and eye-catching business cards can direct additional business your way.  Ideally you’ll have had an opportunity to take some photos of the wedding in order to prepare such as posters, photo guest books, or sample photo cards for the dinner reception or ceremony.

With examples in place for all the guests to see your work, place a business card at each table near the centerpieces.  Have some near the guest sign-in book and on hand just in casse.

Wedding Photographer Business Card

USB Flash Drives

In keeping up with the times, it’s easy to have digital un-edited copies on hand.  It might be worth while to suggest to the wedding couple to upgrade to a package where they can receive custom USB drives with all of their photos in it.

You could also add an image that promotes your business.  Chances are that the flash drives will be given to family members and that will bring exposure to your company.

Maple USB Wedding Flash Drive Wood USB 2.0 Flash Drive

These are just two examples of ways to help self promote and hopefully allow you to stand out against the competition.